ASTA Global Live Education Sessions

Created to address the challenges and new opportunities that face travel advisors in the Post-COVD19 World.

The COVID-19 crisis has affected travel around the globe and will undoubtedly reshape our world as the pandemic continues to unfold. While the fallout from the crisis has both amplified familiar risks and created new ones, changes at this scale also create ways to innovate and the opportunity to build back your business better and stronger. 

ASTA Global Live education sessions will focus on the difficulties we as an industry are facing today, how we can help kick start and re-energize travel, and identify new opportunities that inspire creative business solutions during difficult times.

With more than 28 sessions ranging from top industry CEOs engaged in open dialog on rebuilding an industry, to diving into the details of your business whether large or small, you can count on ASTA’s educational sessions to include topics should as:

  • Evolution of the Travel Product in a Post-Pandemic World. Learn what the new normal will mean to you as an advisor and what to do to accelerate your business. Hear firsthand from agencies that have successfully pivoted their strategy and how they predict their strategy change again in the next twelve months. 

  • Leaders Under Stress. One in three leaders routinely buckle under pressure and a leading cause is their inability to communicate in high stakes, stressful situations.  Dive into the latest research about the impact of a leader's communication, as well as how and why dialogue directly correlates with team morale and team results. Gain actionable skills to achieve dialogue in crucial moments.

  • The Psychology of the Sale. As travelers navigate the new normal, the psychology of the sale matters more than ever. Understand how the strategy for qualifying a traveler, overcoming sales objections, and closing a sale will evolve and expand post-pandemic and what the psychographics of consumer travel are likely to be in late 2020 and into early 2021. 

  • Restoring Consumer Confidence in Travel. Straight from the C-Suites of the biggest travel suppliers, gain vital and timely knowledge about what travel’s biggest brands are doing to keep your clients healthy. Walk away with the information you need to advise and educate your clients with confidence, enabling them to make informed travel decisions impactful to their health and wellbeing in this new world.

  • Business Best Practices in a Virtual World. When transitioning to an online environment, running a business is anything but business as usual. From successfully setting goals and expectations to managing projects and optimizing processes to creating a supportive online community for employees, learn where a virtual world can take the travel agency business. Fellow advisors will share lessons learned and their growth and success stories from over the past months.

  • Plus, ASTA Verified Travel Advisor Certification Program (VTA) Courses
    We'll be offering live courses from the ASTA Verified Travel Advisor Certification Program (VTA). Individuals who are currently enrolled or interested in enrolling can take part in these live courses and jump-start their studies. Learn more about the program at


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